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jiffyDates is a special-purpose Website for keeping track of events that you want to commemorate — anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and other memorable occasions. It will organize your events, remind you of upcoming and recently past events, and even print lists of them for your wallet or purse.

Security and Privacy

Because we know how important it is to keep names, birth dates, and other sensitive information off of the Internet, our Website uses technology that gives you extra security and privacy for your personal event information. We simply do not store your information on our Web servers: It all stays on your computer. We are using the new HTML5 browsers to make this possible.

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Unfortunately, the browser version you are now using is not up-to-date or does not have the HTML5 security we need. Good free, up-to-date browsers are available, however, that will allow you to use jiffyDates right now.

Please consider downloading one of these newer browsers to your computer: Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. We are testing Internet Explorer version 9 and will make jiffyDates available to you on it as soon as its security checks out.

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